The islands show the Highland boundary fault line across the loch…

WE wake to the sound of chainsaws – in the woods behind the garden…and up the hill beyond out fence.

What’s going pin? It’s a nice day and we have breakfast in the garden and I send the drone o investigate. Turns out it’s the electricity folks – must be clearing branches and stuff from overhead cables.

I need to sort out the Facebook as for the acoustic roots of Dave Arcari livestream on 1 June. The video I posted yesterday has picked up the traction I hopped for so now I try and turn it into an ad. Not sure why, but I get a load of irrelevant alerts from Facebook so I re-edit and try another video. Same problem.

I go back and try the original one I wanted to use and suddenly all’s OK. Weird!

I get the campaign all sotted out – slightly pissed at having had to take three hours to do a. 30-minute job but hey-ho.

In the studio I get some tidying done (again) then run through a bunch of songs. Hopefully ;ll get a decent amount of time in here tomorrow.

For my walk I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k run – she’s worried she’ll get buzzed by the sparrowhawk (or whatever it was) that freaked her out the other day.

Margaret;s on dinner duties when we get back. It’s quite a nice, still night and I take the chance to get some images with the drone.