There’s an eerie light over the loch when we go for a wander…

I GET up at a reasonable time and make three batches of sous vide egg bites – two batches of sundered tomato and one of chorizo. hey keep in the fridge and can also be frozen, so it makes sense to use up the whole tub of cottage cheese which would normally be ‘on the turn’ by the time I make some more.

We’re not long finished breakfast when I make a discovery…direct to premises fibre is now available in the village. I investigate further and immediately sign up. iff course, we can;t afford to pay for it…but we can’t afford not to take the chance to solve (hopefully) all our internet woes.

Betty sent me some video clips of Joe that shed like combined, so I do a wee bit of editing and get the end result off to her. We also talked about the availability of fibre and she asks if I can go online and order similar for her and Joe.

I spend the afternoon in the studio trying to get various things working together. I make some progress, but it’s a little frustrating then we call ti a day and go for a walk up the lochside.