WE sleep in a bit but I manage to get the routine stuff out the way before a Skype guitar lesson with a student form Dublin.

I have a few charts and diagrams to make up for my student – once done I add them to the ‘student resources’ section of my guitar lessons website thenI go to the studio.

I’ve been frustrated by the lack on internet in the studio, moreso recently as I’ve been trying to learn some new stuff. There is a workaround though…part of the house is on the same electrical circuit so the ‘home plug’ system can deliver internet to the studio (it’s too far from the house for wifi). The only problem is, that part of the house is some way from the router so I have to run an ethernet cable from our hall/conservatory through the the back hall. It works 🙂

Of course when I hit the studio, time just disappears and before I know it, it’s after 6pm. The rain’s off tho’ and I decide to head out for a walk up the lochside. I’m not long on my way when the rain starts and by the time I get to my ‘turnaround’ spot – where I often stop for a livestream…and today’s no different –the wind and rain has picked up just a bit!

When I get back I’m cold and wet through. A quick shower and change then it’s time for our now habitual weekly ‘bookclub’ video get-together…the beer starts to flow…