WE’RE not long finished breakfast when Betty gets in touch for some help with some tech stuff. We talk her through it then carry on with stuff.

I’ve embraced on an online course for Ableton Live 10 – it’s the ideal software for pulling. together an idea I have going round in my head but I’ve never really had time to get au fait with the programme. I tried to jump right in and just do what was in my head but a lot of technical hurdles kept coming up and I realised I needed to do a bit of learning.

Much of it is similar to other DAWs (digital audio workstations) but there’s a lot of features that are alien to me and I need to get my head round them to realise my ideas.

I’d used Lynda.com for some online courses in the past and knew I could get a month’s free trial. I had a dig about and found suitable ‘course’…and am trying to gt through it in a coupla days before my ideas go stale!

I spend the entire day going through lessons and chapters. Giving myself one more day to complete the thing.