ANOTHER long lie…then a mad panic as I realise there’s a bunch of stuff I need to prepare to promote the 1 June livestream.

I guess I’m letting the cat out the bag a little here, but I’m happy to give blog readers a wee heads up…I’ve got a five-song EP of covers lined up for release at midnight on Tuesday 2 June, just a couple of hours after my Acoustic Roots of Dave Arcari livestream on 1 June. Thought it’d be an interesting ‘bonus’.

The idea puts me in a bit of a quandary tho’. The release makes the livestream more interesting and newsworthy, but I don’t want to spoil ‘the surprise’…so I need to try and manage the promo to get some exposure without popping the cherry. I write up a news release and decide a set of embargos for different media might be the answer.

I create a Dropbox folder with the news release, cover art, fully tagged .wav and .mp3 audio files and a promo photo and plan to stream feeding the info out tomorrow (Monday).

As well as performing in front of a physical audience, I’m also really missing the chat and drinks around the merch table after the show, so another things I wanna do to make the livestream experience a little different is too keep it going after the live music with a Q&A/chat over the virtual merch table.

I go for a walk while Margaret continues her couch to 5k programme then get back onto the Ableton training when I get home.

We have a family video chat then I participate in Smokehead TV’s Instagram livestream….then back to Ableton. I’m getting to some interesting stuff, but it’s info overload and I need regular breaks!

I’m planning to use a time-lapse video of dusk falling over Conic Hill as the backdrop for the ‘roots’ livestream..the weather’s a bit better so I set up a camera and control to see what we can get then start on tonight’s jambalaya which we enjoy while watching our pal Bill’s regular Sunday night livestream concert form Florida.