THE morning is spent firing out news releases and links for the 1 June livestream and ‘accompanying’ EP.

I get some pretty good responses by return, so hopefully I’ll get a wee bit extra profile from the project.

After lunch I edit my signature capo video into something suitable for a Facebook ad. I need to make it a square format and edit it down to a more ad-friendly length. once done, I post it to get a bit of rpe-ad traction and plan on creating the ad tomorrow.

I check out the video timeplapse of sundown on the hill and realise it’s not gonna be much good. Way too jerky. Next decent evening is Wednesday when, hopefully, it’ll be less windy and I can also adjust some settings.

These activities have put paid to the day, but I still need a walk. Before I go out I marinade a piece of flank steak in lime juice, soy sauce, ginger and spring onion ready for slapping on the grill when I get back.

I enjoy my walk then light the charcoal for the grill. the flank steak turns out a winner 🙂