A selfie atop Craigie Fort

UP at a reasonable time for once and get a load of stuff out the way. Some merch packed up and postage printed off…some to big for the postbox so hopefully the postie’ll be up this morning and we can hand them to him to save a trip to the village.

Once I’ve set up a Facebook ad to try and promote the signature capo I start thinking about how we’ll get high speed internet across to the studio. It’s just. but too far from the house to get wifi and the ‘homeplug’ system isn’t great as (a) it’s not very fast and (b) I need to run an ethernet cable halfway though the house so I can plug one of the home plugs into a socket that;s on the same circuit as the studio.

Looks like I’m gonna have to lay an armoured cat6 ethernet cable between the house and the studio…trench-digging is not my favourite pastime. We check the length of cable I already have and it looks like it’ll go the distance. Just. I might start digging tomorrow. It’d be good to have it in place ready for the fibre install on 11 June.

There’s a bit of studio gear re-organising needing done and I order a few bits and pieces online which should help get things straightened out and better integrated.

After accompanying Margaret in her couch too 5k outing we have lunch outside then I hit the studio – Monday’s (1 June) livestream is getting closer so I spend an hour or so running through some of the material I plan to play.

Back in the house I do some more Ableton training and get my head round one of the main stumbling blocks I encountered when trying to go it alone last week.

The light’s pretty good tonight and I decide to have another go at filming a time-lapse of darkness falling on the hill ti use as a backdrop for Monday’s livestream.

Once I’ve been out for a quick walk and a livestream update from Craigie Fort I set up a camera for a three-hour time-lapse then we have dinner.

I’m a phone-in guest on Abe Perlstein’s show on The Rock FM out of Morro Bay, California at 5.30pm their time…which is 1.30am here. A few minutes before my interview we connect and enjoy some chat as he plays my latest two singles…