I set up a timelapse from the top of the woodshed…

MY HEAD hurts – think I may have had too big a dram after my guest appearance via phone) on Abe Perstien’s show out of Morro Bay,m California last night. Well this morning, really, as it was 1.30am.

After clearing the decks I check out last night’s time-lapse effort. Still way too jerky to use as a backdrop 🙁

Back to the drawing board – I;ll maybe try using an SLR tonight and stick an ND (neutral density) filter on the let me run a really slow shutter speed which will, perhaps, blur some of the movement that’s been making the time lapses too jerky.

We have lunch and then set about filming video for three of the songs from the covers EP that will follow Monday night’s livestream.

Next job tis consider the trench I’m gonna need to dig for the Cat6 cable to the studio. My wee mattock is not up to the job so I arranged to borrow a proper pick axe from Betty and Joe and wander along to collect it.

We’ve a couple of piles of wood needing chainsawed – one pile of long mid-thickness bits and another pile of big log-sized chunks. Margaret gets the chainsaw and we work our way though the ‘long’ pile then I need to think about setting ups he camera for the time-lapse.

I can’t get the perspective I need form the deck so I calmer on top of the woodshed and set up there….

After dinner I remember it’s Wednesday – the evening Nova Scotia folk club has a bunch of guest videos so we go outside, brave the midges and play a version of Still Friends for them.