ANOTHER beautiful day so I set up office in the garden.

I really should start digging the trench for the cat6 cable, but there’s video to be edited and it’s gonna take a while.

Before I start the video I try and do something with last night’s time-lapse photos. The result isn’t too bad, but still not as good as I’d like for the livestream backdrop. I have more ideas…although I’m aware this is taking up waaaaay too much time.

I make a start editing the first of thee song videos then go with Marget on her couch to 5k run. This is he furthest she’s got through the programme – in the past a tour would almost always put paid to her plans and progress. She’s doing great.

I make up a meal plan for the net two weeks, check what we have in the fridge/freezer/cupboard and make up a shopping list then Margaret heads off to the supermarket. no point in me going ‘cos they only let one person in…and there’s not too much stuff this time and I’ve a load of stuff needing done.

Some cables and connectors arrived for the studio. I spend a few hours re-jigging gear around, plugging and unplugging and get really close to the place being as good as it can get without spending any dosh.

I manage to get most of the prep done for dinner – Margaret’s making chicken and rice – before she gets back with the shopping…it’s after 9pm when the car pulls up and we put the shopping away and have a late, but good, dinner 🙂