THE day starts off well with a nice news feature about Monday’s livestream on page two of the Stirling Observer 🙂

I’ve been asked to take some updated exterior photos of the village hall. It’s a nice day and I check the angles of the sun. Looks like I need to move my ass if I wanna catch the light. Margaret drives me down, I deploy the drone and get some multi-exposure shots in the bag.

Margaret drives home with the drone and I walk back. Lots of illegally parked cars and large groups of folks out and about clearly unable to comply with the relaxed lockdown rules 🙁

Things continue on a good streak when I go into the freezer to retrieve some rice cakes for tonight’s tteobokki and find Margaret’s ring sitting at the bottom of the freezer drawer. We celebrate with coffee and a chocolate biscuit!

After lunch a call from the Universal Credit folks lets me discuss my application and deal with some queries…then I get busy completing more Universal Credit online info and getting all the requirements fulfilled.

I’d hoped to get into the studio, but I need to sort out this morning’s photos and, once approved, revamp the hall website. Some of the website stuff is quite technically challenging and takes me until early evening.

We go for a wee walk then get home in time for a virtual ‘bookclub’ video chat before I make the tteobokki…one of my current favourites. The sauce is a bit too hot, though, and leaves our lips burning!