Lovely to see Catriona, Aaron and Freya….albeit having to keep our distance

ANOTHER beautiful day…and thankfully the council parking enforcement officers are out. First time we’ve ever seen them!

The downside, though, is the illegal parking problem and lockdown guideline-breakers have just been pushed back a mile or two along the road. As secretary of the the East Loch Lomond Community Trust, Margaret is right on the case and spends the morning speaking to MSPs, National Park folks and the council to try and get things sorted out.

I embark on some video edits for promos to support the covers EP that drops on Tuesday.

Catriona, Freya and Aaron roll up for a visit – the first time we’ve seen them since lockdown. We manage to stay ‘socially distanced’ and have a lovely couple of hours in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Later on, I get back to digging the trench. It’s late afternoon, but I’m overheating rapidly..and so knocked by the time I’ve dug out another few metres that I abandon my plan for a walk and fall asleep on the couch instead!

It’s not been the most productive day, but fun…and the marinated, grilled flank steak for dinner is extremely good, if I say so myself!

Marinaded flank steak on the grill 🙂