A livestream to promote…erm…another livestream!

I WAKE up in agony. My back is killing me…musta overdone the trench digging yesterday.

A handful of ibuprofen after breakfast then I do a quick livestream promoting tomorrow’s (Monday 1 June) acoustic roots of Dave Arcari concert stream.

I have to fine the set list for the livestream and come up with a rough running order then I get Margaret to time each song and make some decision about what to play…and what might be best left out!

Next job is to write and design my eNerwsletter – read it here – and schedule t to. go out at 9.30am in the morning. Hopefully a timely reminder about my livestream 😉

I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k run – she’s open the final week and runs non-stop for 30 minutes. Well impressed.

Back home start preparing tonight’s mushroom risotto then we sit and eat while watching out pal Bill’s weekly livestream concert from Florida.