The Acoustic Roots of Dave Arcari livestream concert….

MARGARET’S off early into Glasgow to pick some stuff. I have a fair bit of stuff to get out the way then I start promoting this evening’s acoustic roots livestream concert.

There’s lots of posting and social media stuff to be done…then I use the latest eNewsletter to spread the word further afield. In between times I make sure I know my setlist and run through some last-minute rehearsals.

When Margaret gets back we start setting up for the livestream. There’s a loads of stuff to come from the studio md setting up takes a good few hours.

A few minutes ’til showtime and we’re pretty much ready. Something happens with the broadcast a few seconds in and we have to restart. There’s a few unwelcome posts from spammers trying to siphon-off my audience to watch on some kind of ‘paid’ platform.

Margaret manages to report the posts and delete them…and ban the folks posting them.

It’s really warm and I go through a few beers during my set. Once the live music part is done, Margaret and I continue the livestream and ‘share’ a drink and chat with folks which is fun and works well.

By the time we’re all done it’s getting late – we’re tired and a bit worse for wear so have a snack before I update my website and Facebook covers to reflect the release of The Acoustic Roots of Dave Arcari – you can stream/download/listen here.

…then bedtime!