The first video promo for the new EP….

A LITTLE fragile this morning…and the place is a mess. Not only did we not clear up all the livestream setup, it looks like there was a bit of a party going on!

The clear-up operation take a while and we’re not long finished when Matty arrives for a visit. We sit in the garden at appropriate distance.

I upload the first promo video for the new EP to YouTube and set a Facebook premier which goes well.

The smoker’s on for a haunch of venison…a bit of an experiment. It’s ready in three or four hours – I put it a faux cambro to rest until we’re ready for dinner.

I need to film a video clip for a music video coming out of Chicago…quite a straightforward thing to do so we wander along to the old pier, brave the midges and grab some footage.

We stop by and say help to Betty and Joe on the way home then have dinner.