We’re out of noodles so I make donburi rice to go with the Asian salmon…another experiment that’s turned out well. Salmon Donburi. Who would’ve thought!

FIRST thing on the list today is a Skype guitar lesson with my student in Dublin.

It goes well – the guy is making really good progress 🙂

I’m on the phone to the doc to try and work out why I have no feeling in left hand thumb and forefinger when a pal arrives for a socially distanced meeting in the garden to discuss some local issues.

After a quick lunch I have a radio and press interview via Zoom – nice to catch up with the journalist and DJ..he’s been a pal for a long time and is a great supporter.

In between times Catriona’s popped out with Freya and Aaron for a quick garden visit.

When they hit the road back home I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k outing and carry on for a walk up the lochside.

I’m making Asian salmon for dinner. We’re out of soba noodles which (server cold) are our usual accompaniment to the salmon so I decide to experiment and make a donburi (kinda Japanese seasoned rice with egg and onion). Turns out to be a successful combination!