Girl From the North Country…

I HAVE some stuff to drop off for Betty and Joe…when I get there, their fibre has been installed and, from a distance, I log into heir router and get things set up so all their connected devices should work without having to have new network and password info input.

Back home I get busy finishing the edit for Girl From the North Country – the opening track on the newly released Acoustic Roots of Dave Arcari EP. Think it’s worked out better than the earlier Tennessee Stud video 🙂

I get the finished video uploaded to Facebook and YouTube and set for premiering later on.

Meantime, I go out with Margaret on her final couch to 5k run. She’s done it! Well done 🙂

I have a wee project to get done in the studio and get back to the house just in time for our Friday pre-dinner (virtual) drinks with ‘the bookclub’. As a result, it’s after 10pm when we have our red beans and rice!