Click the image for event info – and a link to choose the songs you’d like me to play on my 29 June livestream…

WE have a bit of a lazy morning then I start spreading the word about the 29 June livestream.

I set up ‘add to diary links’ then a Facebook event, cover/banner images, social media images – keen to promote the SurveyMonkey link that lets folks choose the songs they’d like me to play…and have the chance to win a t-shirt. Check it out here.

Betty’s needing some help with some stuff and comes round to chat at a distance in the garden. Luckily it’s not ringing, but the midges are out! Talking of which, the extent of my midge bites form Saturday night’s brief excursion outside to take some pix becomes evident when I come out the shower and start to dry myself. Jeez. There’s a lot of bites!

I’m playing a slot on the Isolation Music Festival livestream at 4.20pm and need to set up and test all the gear I wanna use. It’s being pushed out via Streamyard which is a n interesting service, but my tests are showing sync problems between audio and video. I experiment by inserting a delay on my audio channels and adding about 750ms of delay brings things back to tether a bit. I’m not 100% convinced of the solution, though, and don’t wanna risk a technical hitch on someone else’s production, so I decide to keep it simple with the webcam and it’s built-in mic. The sounds isn’t great, but it’ll do if I hold back volume-wise.

In general the ‘gig’ goes good and everything runs to plan. Streamyard is a great way to run/manage these kind of events, bringing different folks in to a single, consistent broadcast.

Having done three of my own livestream concerts – and participated in the same amount of third party events – I’m getting the feeling that tips/donations are much stronger on the ‘solo’ events. While I am sure the folks that have supported my stream so much over the last few months also support charities, I reckon in the livestream scenario, it’s the artist they want to support rather than an overall event.

I’ve made a decision to be very picky about what I participate in online in the future.

The Homebird Sessions I’m guesting on on Wednesday evening (8.30pm) is a different kettle of fish. Run by my pal, Glasgow singer/songwriter Elaine Lennon, it’s not a fundraiser – it’s a promotional series aiming to (a) give the audience an insight into songwriters’ creative processes and (b) introduce the guest to the organiser’s audience and vice-versa. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

We go out for a walk in the evening sun and enjoy the tranquility.

Back home, dinner’s ready in time for our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida at 9pm…