AFTER breakfast I get busy with some initial promotion for the 29 June livestream and the ‘help choose my set’ competition. I also do a wee bit of ongoing promo for the acoustic roots EP.

There’s some work to be done on the local community trust website whoosh take s a good hour or so.

It’s kinda still outside which means high midge alert – and my back’s still sore – but we need to get the cat6 cable trench ready in time for Thursday’s fibre install. Margaret comes to help and we decide to run a double cable. I get online and order another reel of direct burial cat6 cable which should, I hope arrive tomorrow.

Margaret’s finished her couch to 5k programme but is keen to carry on and up her distance, speed and stamina. She’s found an app to help and is keen to try it out with the app running on her watch so she doesn’t need to carry her phone. I go out with her and she does well – but the app doesn’t;t really work. On investigation, there’s a wee toggle switch to wen bale it to run iothout. phone being nearby. Maybe that’s the problem.

Margaret’s organised a community trust meeting using Zoom. While she’s busy with that I make up a batch of seitan and once it’s cooking, start editing the third – and final – video from the EP. Delia’s Gone.

There’s a pot of chilli on the cooker and I made up some corn tortilla dough earlier…I get the wee tortillas made then we have chilli tacos for dinner and relax a while before bed.