Delia’s Gone – the last video from the Acoustic Roots EP…

TODAY’S main task is to edit the last of three videos I shot for the Acoustic Roots of Dave Arcari EP. The EP has five songs, but we thought a video for every track might be overkill!

I’m well into the edit when Catriona, Freya and Aaron arrive and sit out in the garden. Not such a nice day today, but at least it’s not raining.

Catriona’s brought supplies for herself and the kids…I make some fried “chik’n” sandwiches for Margaret and I with some of the seitan I made last night. I do the chik’n in the air fryer and the result is really pretty good. Margaret’s not sold on it, but I like it!

I get the video finished and uploaded then set it to go ‘public’ on my YouTube channel 15 minutes after it premiers on my Facebook page.

The Facebook premier is a bit like a livestream and folks can chat and ask questions as it runs. Tends to get a bit more traction this way too 🙂