I try a simplified setup for the Homebird Sessions livestream…

AS SOON as the the daily tasks and breakfast are out the way I publish the new video on Instagram TV (IGTV) and set appropriate links, stories and stuff.

It’s too wet and midgie to do any work on the cable trench outside so I concentrate on promo stuff and trail my guest spot on tonight’s Homebird Sessions livestream.

I have a Skype guitar lesson then send my student some notes from the session and schedule the next one.

At midday I tune into K107fm – a radio station based on Kirkcaldy, Fife – the interview I recorded last week with John Murray, and some music, makes up a good hour of his show.

Neither of us are feeling great today. Seems to be some kinda lurgy going around but as the day goes on we both start to perk up a bit. I go for a nice long walk, stopping along the way to give a livestream update and let folks know about this evening’s Homebird Sessions.

Back home I get set up for there session. It’s run by my pal Elaine using Streamyard which offers some good features, but lacks others…anyway, we hook up a few minutes before go live for a chat then we’re on. All goes well and it’s good fun. We follow the main livestream with a live Q&A on the Homebird Sessions private Facebook group.

It’s 10pm by the time we’ve tidied up and sit down to eat…we have an early night – the Openreach folks re coming to put in fibre tomorrow. Possibly at 8am…

…and it works OK albeit I look a little spooky. Need to use one of the bigger, softer lights I think!