Another funky sky..this time over Conic Hill…

I’M up early (7am is early for me!), showered and ready for the Openreach folks who, I hope, will be putting in fibre today.

Hoping this will improve the quality and reliability of livestreams etc…and the whole package is a few quid cheaper than what we pay BT at the moment. Sounds too good to be true!

A phone call at 7.45am from the engineer says he’ll be here just after 8am. impressed so far. Indeed, he turns up, scouts round the place and is very agreeable re the best way/place to get the fibre into the house. He contacts a colleague to bring a platform and gets on with other prep while he’s waiting. By late morning all is in place and working.

After lunch Margaret goes off to do some shopping while I set up the rest of the wifi..there’s a ‘disc’ which is meant to help extend wifi coverage but it’s not a great help but time’ll tell.

Next job for me is to try and finish the cable trench and get the two Cat6 cables laid between the studio and the house. My pal Keiran’s coming to drill some holes in the outside wall to get the cables through and I’d like to have everything in place and ready before he comes.

There’s pick axe work and digging…then buring the cables in my 150-foot trench and reinstalling the ground above. it’s hot, I’m covered in. midges, ticks and all sorts of undesirable beasties, but I get it finished just as Margaret gets back from Glasgow and Keiran rolls up.

We get the cables through the walls then I hit the shower. I’m too fucked to try and connect/test anything tonight!