WE’RE not long finished breakfast when Betty drops by so I can try and sort her Amazon login.

Staying socially distanced I manage to get things sorted out and help out with a couple of other things too…good to get them all ticked of the list 🙂

Next on my own list is to test the Cat6 cables we put in yesterday. After a fair bit of fiddling around and troubleshooting I get one connection working. The other is dead as a dodo. Think we may have damaged the RJ45 plug trying to pull it through the wall. I’ll check online and see what kinda stuff I might need to repair/replace the connector.

Our Sonos system is playing funny buggers. After a couple of hours of frustration we get two of our three ‘components’ working. the third refuses to play ball.

I take a break from trying to sort stuff and go out with Margaret on her run. She’s completed her couch to 5k programme and is keen to maintain and improve her running.

Back home Margaret gets a load of paella on the go then goes into the shower. When the paella’s ready I carefully and hygienically pack a couple of portions up and take them along to Betty and Joe.

We eat ours and then have an hour’s video chat with our local pals…then relax…teh Sonos system is still not playing ball. Ah well…tomorrow…