IN the shower I have a few more ideas how to get the third Sonos speaker back onto the network.

As soon as I finish breakfast I’m on it. But after a couple of hours rebooting, re-setting, creating new accounts we’re no further forward.

Next, I look online of some cat6 RJ45 connectors to try and fix the non-functioning link to the studio. I’m looking for tool-free connectors as I don’t see much point in spending £50 on a crimper tool to fix just one plug. Hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow and solve the problem. I think the Sonos is gonna have to wait ’til I can call customer support on Monday.

At least I have internet in the studio now. I plug myself in and start re-downloading all the Native Instruments sounds and software to further ‘the integration’ project. I don’t wanna clog up the Macbook’s drive with these ‘instruments’ and want to run them off an external SSD that can live in the studio.There’s gigabytes of sounds and libraries and I notice that very few of them are installing successfully. Bah! Another hurdle!

I investigate a little and see the files have downloaded and try installing them manually. it works! I get about 75% done before it’s time to light some charcoal and fire up the grill for our marinaded flank steak…