MARGARET’s off first thing to a meeting in Glasgow…and I have a phone meeting scheduled for 11.30am.

I’m midway through breakfast when the phone rings. It’s the callers for the 11.30am meeting…but it’s not even 10am! I’m caught a little off guard, but it’s all OK and I’m quite happy to have got it out the way and cleared the morning for the next big project – sorting our Sonos networking problems.

I call Sonos support and am held in queueing system for 35 minutes. Then a nice lassie helps troubleshoot our system – sending various diagnostic reports back and forth and then re-configuring the settings on the router that came with our new fibre connection. Seems the BT Smarthub has some known conflicts. We get ’em all ironed out but still no joy.

The lassie helping me puts me on hold to consult a senior engineer – meantime, I wonder if disconnecting out ethernet switch might make a difference. I disconnect it, reset the problem speaker and go through the setup process. It works!

When the support folks come back on I give them the good news and they run some more diagnostics to make sure all is in order. It is.

There’s a couple fo things to sort for Betty and Joe. I deal with things at my end then nip along to sort out the final bits.

I’m in the studio when Margaret gets back form Glasgow with a load of shopping. We put it all away then I go back to the studio…setting things up is a little easier now there’s internet access.