Pinchitos and taters on the grill 🙂

AFTER doing what will likely be the last bit of social media promo on the ‘new’ acoustic roots EP I go along to Betty and Joe’s to help with a couple of things.

There’s chaotic parking in the village the police and council have done nothing to enforce illegal parking and littering other than ‘say’ the road’s closed. No-one is paying any attention.

The ‘tool-free’ RJ45 cat6 connectors I ordered have arrived and I decide to. tackle the non-functioning cable between the house and the studio.

The colour codes in the eight-pin plug are confusing so I decide to dismantle the damaged plug I just cut off. Of course the plug is almost impenetrable but I maage to destroy it enough to get a rough idea of the wiring scheme. I compare to the two options on the plug and decide to try the T568B scheme.

Although tool-less – I grudged paying £4-/50 for a crimper to repair one cable! – fitting the wee wires in is a but fiddly. I get there, though, and test the cable. Success! Quite proud of myself.

I play with some ideas in the studio then go out with Margaret on her couch to 5k ‘maintenance’ run.

When we get back I light a load of charcoal for the grill and we cook the pinchitos and some wee potatoes on the grill. We enjoy our dinner with a nice salad and a cold beer while watching our pal Bill’s weekly livestream from Florida.