Livestream from the studio…it works!

IN the studio I do some work on a wee project I’m doing to try and get familiar with Ableton. It’s fine going through tutorials and stuff, but until you start applying it, they don’t help much.

I take a break for lunch and decide to do a test livestream from the studio. All goes well, so I schedule another for this evening when I’ll play a coupla tunes and chat.

The sun’s shining and after enjoying our lunch in the garden we see that the flowers on the blueberry bushes have turned into little green fruits. Need to get a front on the net cage soon if we don’t want ’em to be snaffled by the birds.

Rather than stapling net over the front I decide to make a removable frame – that’ll make access fo watering and picking much simpler. I find some old bits of wood and get busy with a saw and some screws. Quite proud of my result from an extremely under-qualified DIY-er!

In the studio I gets some more work done then go for a quick walk before livestream time. Set up in the studio is a lot more straightforward than dragging stuff to the house and the livestream goes well – folks are definitely seeing a better picture and getting better sound.

Once done we drop some stuff off at Betty and Joe’s and sit outside and chat for while then wander home for dinner.