AN unexpectedly nice day, but I’ve got loads to do….

There’s still about ten hours of Ableton ‘learning’ via the course running on learning. I ned to get through it before my free trial finishes…I know I sound like skinflint, but we just don’t have spare cash to spend on subscriptions etc at the moment.

Catriona, Freya and Aaron arrive late morning, closely followed by Matty. Kinda bending the lockdown rules, but they all stay well-distanced int he garden and have brought their own sandwiches, drinks etc. I join the for a while then get back to the Ableton course which I;ve made my priority for the day.

I contact a few key folks to see if they’re interested in a wee idea I have for future musical promotion. I’ll spill the beans if there’s any interest.

Later on I go a walk and listen to podcast..then my mind. wanders and I start thinking about ways to merge my music and cooking into some kind of regular online content.

Back home I gather some gear to start grabbing some cooking/prep footage. All goes good until I find we don’t have the key ingredient for what I’m making! Oh well, back to the drawing board!

I tidy up then Margaret hits the kitchen to make Donner – she’s doing something with tofu and rice noodles….

Meantime, I do a quick livestream into the Nova Scotia Folk Club group – they encourage livestreams on a Wednesday evening.

Margaret’ isn’t happy with her tofu mee goreng, but I think it’s pretty good….