Click the image for info on the livestream and a link to complete the survey and have the chance to win a t-shirt and a bottle of Smokehead….

FIRST task of the day his to have a chat with Smokehead to see if they wanna be part of the next livestream (29 June).

I get an immediate response. Yes! They’ll send some whisky to add to the draw for folks completing the ‘choose my setlist’ survey, a bottle to be ‘tasted’ during my livestream and some extra stuff which we’ll give away during the livestream.

All great…but it does mean that I need to create new visuals and descriptions for the livestream, my website landing page and also add some info and a ‘terms & conditions’ acceptance to the set list survey. Also, I don’t want the folks who have already completed the survey to be left out (if they qualify), so I email all of them to let them know of the additional prize and, that if they want to be entered in the draw for the whisky as well as the t-shirt they need to confirm that they are a UK resident over the age of 18 and not an employee of Ian McLeod Distillers Ltd.

It another nice day, so once I’ve done all the I set up outside and do another few hours’ of Ableton training.

By early evening Margaret has decided she’s going on a. run. I accompany her and enjoy my walk while cutting on the phone to my pal Duncan.

One of my future livestream ideas involves food. I’m making Asian salmon with donburi rice and try some self-op filming to see how it might work. It’s a bit of a carry on trying to do all the prep and cooking while filming myself…and I have a feeling I’m gonna have to find a different way to approach it.