I TRY and get my routine emails, blog and social media stuff out the way before heading to the studio for a Zoom seminar.

The Musicians’ Union is running a ‘get your music out there’ session and although it’s mainly aimed at relative newcomers to the indie scene, I’m keen to take part. There’s always something new to learn.

With the morning and early afternoon behind me, I spend some time going through the rest of the Ableton Live training. Not sure if it’s really helped me, but the knowledge I’ve gleaned won’t go amiss in the longer term.

We try and film the BBQ rub being made, tonight’s steak getting marinaded and some pork loin prep for the smoker tomorrow…all for future use. The stuff I filmed last night didn’t;t make the trade!

We have a virtual aperitif with our local ‘bookclub’ pals then I go outside and light some charcoal for the grill. It’s been raining and now there’s zillions of midges. Despite a liberal coverage of Smidge and my hoodie zipped up, I still get eaten alive!