Freya’s loving the spray from the garden hose 🙂

DESPITE the presence of police and council parking folks there’s still parking and visitor chaos in east Loch Lomond.

Margaret’s been representing the community and trying to get the council, police and national park to work better together and listen to local advice.

We’re not long finished (a late) breakfast) when Matty arrives for a visit. Next in the socially distanced garden visit queue is Catriona who’s brought Freya and Aaron for a pre-fathers’ – and papas’ – day visit.

Our programme of visitors is completed by Mikey and Harriet.

In between times I’ve got a pork loin on the smoker, rubbed some ribs for tomorrow and shot some video footage for future use.

It’s been a busy day and although it’s a late dinner, the smoked pork is great!