We bump into this wee guy while out for an evening walk…

WE have a lazy morning drinking coffee and listening to the radio. then Margaret picks up Betty and Joe’s paper and takes it along to them before we have breakfast.

I stumble across my ‘discogs’ page online and notice there’s a few releases missing so I update the info. Not sure anyone ever looks at the Discogs.com website, but out doesn’t do any harm to make sure it’s updated.

Suddenly I realise the time and dash outside to get the smoker fired up for tonight’s ribs. They take a good five or six hours…

Talking of grub, I’v been trying to grab as much ‘cooking’ video footage as I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to edit up some ‘music and food’ videos that I can put out as part of a future livestream series. Alas, my SSD drives are all almost full.

I do a little ‘housekeeping’ and clear one space but I’m gonna have to find somewhere to stream all these video files. Now we have fibre and a network that covers the house, office and studio I start looking at NAS drives…would be nice file sharing, storage and backup solution, but even the lower end solutions are way out my non-existent budget. That idea’ll have to go on hold!

While playing the banjo for Freya yesterday I bust a string, No bad thing really, ‘cos I haven’t put new strings on the banjo for…erm…years! I grab a set of strings and get on the job.

The ribs have another hour or so to go on the smoker and til;s quite nice outside…the sun’s broken through and there’s enough of a breeze to keep the midges away enough to go out for a walk while Margaret does her run. Not he way home a cute wee hedgehog ambles along the trail towards us so I stop to try and get a pic with my phone.

Back home I make some cornbread to go with the ribs and we sit down to eat and watch our pal Bilkl’s livestream from Florida – it’s become our regular Sunday night entertainment.