Interesting to see what songs are front-runners for my 29 June livestream setlist…click the pic above to choose YOUR favourites and have the chance to win a bottle of Smokehead….

THERE’S still one string to put on the banjo. I get that done before moving on to today’s to-do list…

I need to kick off a low-budget Facebook/Instagram campaign to boost next Monday’s (29 June) livestream and the ‘choose my set list’ draw. No time to fart about with video so I create a set of photos for the various ad formats and pull in a campaign that’ll cost me a coupla quid a day.

Creating and targeting ads properly takes a wee bit of time and care…and it’s lunchtime before I’m finished.

The afternoon starts with creation of a series of images to use in social media posts to promote the ‘choose my set list’ campaign.

Next, I need to try and get our Time capsule working properly again. I manage to get it all up and running – better than it ever has been – but still can’t get the music library to connect with our Sonos system.

I head out for a walk before tackling tonight’s mushroom risotto – and not only do I need to prep and cook, but also film key parts for my ‘cooking’ archive….