MAIN thing int eh diary this morning is an MU (Musicians’ Union) meeting – a fairly informal ‘social’ Zoom meeting for Scotland/Northern Ireland members.

I participate form the studio and find the meeting interesting and fun. Nice to connect with some MU pals 🙂

When I go back to the house Margaret’s gone into Glasgow for some shopping. I have lunch, update some bits and bobs online then go back to the studio where I mess about with some ideas in Ableton Live.

The tutorials/course has helped as I’m able to make some of the stuff I created a few weeks ago fit together better. For some reason nI have a notion to mess with the keyboard…but instead of playing with sounds and MIDI stuff, I pull up a piano patch and try and work out how to play a song using left hand for chords and right hand for the melody.

It’s pretty tricky as I have no idea how to play the damn thing, but it’s compelling and I actually manage to work some stuff out. Maybe I’m not as tone deaf as I thought! Might be nice to be able to sit at a piano, play and sing a song.

Despite the grey and damp I go for a walk up the lochside and end up getting soaked through. When I get back, Margaret’s just arrived and we put the shopping away.

Dinner is tteobokki which is a bit of an experiment – I need to make it a lot less spicy than the last two attempts as it was too hot for Margaret. Think I get it pretty bang on tonight!