The buzzard waits in a tree waiting for the right time to buzz me (again!)

AFTER breakfast I get most of my routine tasks out the way before preparing for a guitar lesson with one of my Skype students.

After the lesson I diary the next one and create some notes for my student. The notes serve a double purpose as I upload copies of all the charts and diagrams to the resources section of my online guitar lessons website.

I’ve just finished when a note comes in from my pal Rab – he’s got a website problem. IO get it fixed and let him know what happened and how it may be avoided in future.

After lunch the sun has come out – I’m meant to be making a batch of breakfast patties but when I go to the freezer outside to get the pork and turkey mince, I see how bad the weeds have got. I’d been putting off weedkiller when we had Freya here, then the rain came. I get the weedkiller and get busy.

Finally I start the pattie-making process underway – nd film it for my food/cooking archive. It dawns on em that the pork and turkey mince has already been frozen, so I really shouldn’t re-freeze in pattie form. Looks like I;ll need to cook ’em before freezing.

The patties need to go int he fridge for an hour before being cooked so I head out for a walk, deciding to go through the forest to see if I can spot the bird that’s been buzzing Margaret when she’s out running. She got swooped upon nine or ten times this morning and came back a little shaken.

I get to my turning point to return home with no sight or sound of any big birds when a shadow passes followed by some loud and unusual caw-ing. A few minutes later I spot it.

Phone camera at the ready I manage to get a couple of photos of what looks like a buzzard..and some shaky video as it swoops over me. Back home I show Margaret and, between the pix, video and caw-ing noise we find it is indeed a buzzard.