AN unexpectedly nice day. Blue sky, sunshine and nice light breeze. Perfect.

Busy getting on with some online stuff when my pal Martyn calls to pick my brains about some music he’s keen to use in a film…not my music, but a fairly successful track form a US-based artist.

We chat for a while then I search out some info that might help him pursue the idea. I have access to quite a lot of online resources 😉

Having spread weedkiller yesterday, I make use of the dry weather and cut the grass then make some lunch. We have gyoza.

The afternoon kicks off with a chat with the folks at PRS Members’ Fund HQ – we have a team together to take part in a PRS-wide quiz on Microsoft teams later. I can’t get my password to the PRS systems to reset so there’s a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the IT Helpdesk and we get sorted out for later. We also discuss some upcoming visits and how they could/should be conducted.

I ‘d like to go for a walk, but it’s so warm I can’t face it so instead I prep some ingredients for tonight’s red beans and rice. The PRS quiz is from 6-7.30pm and the dish takes a fair time to cook…and I want to make some video for future use.

The quiz is a good way to get myself up to speed with Microsoft Teams and I enjoy the quiz a lot more than I expected. I think we did quite well as a team…results are announced tomorrow.

Back in the house I set up a camera and start making dinner…