A FEW things to get out the way then I head to the studio and set up to participate in a Musicians’ Union (MU) ‘untapping your inner creativity’ workshop.

The workshop runs ’til lunchtime and is really good. Nice to be able to do these things albeit remotely.

After lunch I return to the studio and start looking at ways of feeding a more ‘plugged in’ mix into Monday’s livestream. I’m keen to use Universal Audio’s Luna software so I can take advantage of the Apollo hardware controller and some of the great sounding plugins.

I get a great sounding mix together, but can’t get it to go into OBS (the streaming software) properly – and the monitoring’s all gone to pot. Suddenly it’s after 7pm and we have a virtual book club get-together…

I’ve a few more ideas for piping a live audio mix into the livestream but it’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.