WE’RE up and organised at a reasonable time – Catriona, Freya and Aaron are coming for a garden visit. hopefully before the rain streams.

I’m in the studio putting Ikea legs on the old desktop I had kicking around when they roll up. Gonna make the place a bit more organised, so worth the upheaval and rewiring/plugging.

I take a break form the studio and hang out for a while then get back to finish my job. Mostly goes to plan until I try to re-configure the wifi lights…

Now there’s proper internet in the studio I think I can ditch the router that’s not connected and acts as a controller for the lights. Good idea in theory, but when I try and connect the lights to the ‘connected’ router all sorts of mysterious things happen. They connect, drop off, cause all sorts of internet connectivity issues. I spend a good few hours trying to to sort it to no avail.

Next job is to try a different approach to piping sound into my livestreams. I set up a mixer, run some tests and it sounds OK. I decide to test it on a proper ‘go live’.

It works well – except I forget to switch on the guitar channel! Second attempt is better – I manage to switch the guitar on. Alas, at the end of the stream while unplugging, I realise I had the guitar pickup set to piezo rather than the humbucker. Jeez. The livestream doesn’t;t sound too bad despite this, but I do feel like bit of an idiot! I’ll have my shit together for Monday’s full concert livestream!

Back in the house I marinade a piece of flank steak for the grill and prepare some sides while it’s soaking up the flavours form the lime juice, ginger, soy and spring onions.

Of course, when I go outside to light. chimney of charcoal for the grill I’m attacked by zillions of midges…then when it comes time to grill the steak, it’s pouring rain. Thank goodness for the smoker shelter! The steak is good…