Salt and pepper tofu – with broccoli and brown rice 🙂

WE have a long lie then a lazy breakfast.

I head off to meet my pal Martyn in the next village and we enjoy a two-hour socially distanced walk and catching up on things and discussing all sorts.

In the studio, I have another brainwave about the router and wifi lights. A bit of research shows me how to set up the Nighthawk router as an access point rather than a router. Once done, everything falls into place – the lights are all working and the wifi even better!

The rest of the day (and evening) is spent catching up on work and preparing an early July eNewsletter to go out first thing in the morning to let folks know about the livestream concert in a timely manner. Then I do a bit of rehearsing for tomorrow’s (Monday) livestream.

In the kitchen, I make a surprisingly good slat and pepper tofu – and grab some video for my future ‘music and food’ livestream project…