FEELING surprisingly OK this morning after last night’s livestream and whisky excess!

First thing I need to do is sort out the prizewinners…the whisky and t-shirt prizes for the draw from the setlist survey are fine, but the second whisky giveaway – naming the song I played in the after show Q&A/chat session – is a bit more challenging.

The comments/answers seemed to come into different devices at different times which caused a bit of confusion as to who the winner is…luckily I explained that prize was subject to us reviewing the comments tomorrow (ie: today!). It takes a bit of sorting out, but eventually I get there!

After lunch, I move on to acknowledging all the likes and comments (all 850+ of them!) as well as the shares…it’s time-consuming and takes me until after 11pm. It’s important, though, as I appreciate and value all the support and want folks to know that.