Less than a week ’til I launch my Blues’n2s livestream series….

HAVING got the post-livestream thank yous and related responses all done, my focus moves to my upcoming Blues’n’2s series.

The first episode is this Monday (6 July, 8pm UK time) on my Facebook page so I need to start spreading the word. I’ve tech tests with a couple of future guests lined up and I’ll use the chat that goes with them to schedule suitable dates and explain the format as well as making sure the connections etc are all OK.

One of the whisky winners is relatively local and arranges to come and collect his prize..the other has to be packed up to go in the post, as does the t-shirt winner’s prize.

A mid-morning Skype guitar lesson for one of my students goes well and there’s a few charts to make up and send as follow-up.

Catriona, Freya and Aaron turn up just after lunch and Margaret gets busy entertaining them.

I have some PRS Members’ Fund stuff to sort out – I’ve been given the chance to cover another regional visitors ‘phone visits’ and they need to be done over the next day or two. There’s a bit of admin and prep to be done.

Once I’ve done some updates to my online guitar lessons website I get onto some more admin…then I start preparing dinner . Pork, chorizo and butter bean casserole. I film the process for my other upcoming Facebook series!

I take a break from kitchen to do a test connect with my pal Charlie Parr for an upcoming Blues’n’2s episode. Great to see and chat for a wee while…and find the connection at either end is good.