I’VE run out of egg bites for breakfast, so gather all the ingredients to make a couple of batches. Makes sense to use all the cottage cheese in a one-er as it generally goes off before I get the chance to use any leftover.

It also makes sense to capture the process on video for my upcoming livestream project. I’ll make a cheese and chorizo batch…and a sun-dried tomato and feta batch.

We have breakfast when he first batch is done and the second steaming away under pressure.

I make the outstanding PRS Members’ fund call to a grantholder then do the report and upload that – and the others from the past few days – to HQ.

Finally I get into the studio.I don’t take the computer as I really just wanna mess with guitars and not get caught up in technical stuff and software. I spend a couple of hours having fun.

It’s still pouring with rain outside and I consider going out and putting my newly delivered waterproof trousers to the test but end up having a nap on the couch!

Maragert’s asked me to look out and print some pix of Freya and Aaron for a photo frame montage, so I get busy with that then its time for our Friday evening virtual aperitif with our local bookclub pals.

I make teriyaki chicken for dinner, filming the process then we settle own to eat and binge-watch Alex Rider on Amazon Prime. Suddenly it’s 3am….