I do a test livestream to make sure I can bring on a guest…and it works!

THE village is pretty busy now the lockdown rules have been relaxed a bit…the shop and coffee shop ahave both re-opened today.

In the studio I write out tablature for one of my songs – a good online customer asked if I could do it and it’s also pretty useful to have in the ‘student resources’ section of my online guitar lessons website.

I’m just finished when Martyn, Louise and Oran roll up – we blether a while then they go off to the coffee shop. Meantime, Margaret goes to get some shopping and I set up some gear to test the process for Monday night’s debut episode of Blues’n’2s.

Martyn, Louise and Oran stop by on their way back from the coffee shop and we sit and chat int eh garden for a while.

They’ve not long gone when I get a message from Betty – Joe’s misplaced her keys and she can;t get the Tile to repsond. I nip along and we locate the keys in the garage 🙂

I go for a walk and venture a bit off piste until the going gets tough and I realise I’m a little disoriented. Lost, even. A trek through undergrowth, steep climbs and descents, swamp and goodness knows what eventually takes me back to the road.

When I get back, Margaret’s already one and got most fo the shopping put away 😉 I have a shower then we do a test run for Monday’s Blues’n’2s. Works well.

Once done, I make dinner and we relax for the rest of the evening.