POURING rain outside…but I’ve arranged to go a walk with Martyn, so we’ll have to brave the weather.

I have breakfast and get a few odds and ends out the way before he arrives then we head off into the wet. We have a good blether for an hour or two and my recently waterproof trousers get a thorough tryout. They’re pretty good!

We have pretty lazy afternoon then a reminder pops up in the diary to backup my blog. It’s been popping up for over a year now and I keep putting it off…so I decide to tackle it now.

I’ve done a daily blog for 11 years and never missed a day. No idea what I;ll ever do with it, but I’d be pretty pissed if I lost it all. After sorting everything since the last backup – more than a year ago – I realise that the ‘old’ blog from 2009/10 has never been archived.I search my old wordpress.com standalone blog and put things right!

In the kitchen I marinade a piece of flank steak then prepare some potatoes for the air fryer and some veg before lighting up a chimney-full of charcoal for the grill outside. By a stroke of luck, the rain lets off for me to get the grilling done and I have dinner ready just in time to watch our pal Bill’s weekly livestream form Florida.