As well as streaming to my Facebook page, I push the first episode of Blues’n’2 to my YouTube channel too…

MATTY arrives first thing – he’s going for a run up Ben Lomond, but wants to use the toilet first.

After breakfast I accompany Margaret on her couch to 5k ‘maintenance’ run. She goes quite fast!

Back home I do a final phase of promo for tonight’s Blues’n’2s – it’s the first in my new livestream series and I’m keen to get some decent traction on it. I also prepare all the graphics, banners and background’s for tonight’s episode.

There’s some leftover mushroom risotto from the other night which I make into arancini and stick in the air fryer for lunch…I knock up a garlic aioli to go with them.

I get some time to mess with guitars on the studio and work on an idea I’ve been knocking around for the last few weeks. Quite nice to just sit and play without too much pressure 🙂

There were a few leftover arancini balls which Margaret takes along to Betty and Joe and I go out for a walk.

I’m back in time to do a livestream test with my pal Tom in Wisconsin, All works fine and we decide on Monday 27 July for his guest slot on Blues’n’2s (episode four).

We finish up in time for me to start setting up for tonight’s debut episode. It goes fairly smoothly and is well-received…next week’s guest will be Estonian bottleneck guitar ace Andres Roots.