I film the cooking of the Asian salmon for future use ion a music/food livestream series…

WITH the first episode of Blues’n’2s out the way, it’s time to start promoting episode two.

My pal Andres Roots from Estonia will be my guest next Monday (13 July). I make up some social media banners and graphics then create a Facebook event to help build some advance traction.

Catriona, Freya and Aaron arrive just as I’m headed to the studio. I have a new song idea that really needs a rough recording if I wanna try and move it along and get it to ‘potential song’ status.

For some reason it’s kinda cold int eh studio – and I’m getting hungry…so I go back to the house, heat up some leftover paella for lunch then put on a hoodie and return to the studio.

Catriona and the kids head off mid-afternoon then Margaret and I tackle some of the woodpile that’s been sitting outside the woodshed since the start of lockdown. Margaret’s on chainsaw and I’m on the the log splitter. We make good progress. Hopefully it’l all get finished tomorrow and the woodshed re-organised to accommodate the resulting wood.

Margaret nips along to see Betty and Joe and I go for a walk up the lochside, back in time to cook some salmon (courtesy of Betty and Joe…thank you!). I realise my Aisan salmon and cold soba noodles hasn’t been filmed for my future music/food livestream series…I get busy.