AFTER breakfast and the routine stuff is out the way I go outside to build a miniature poly tunnel think I got from Amazon for the tomato and cucumber plants we were given last week..

It’s less than a metre high but it’s long and low, so hopefully more wind and weather-proof than past polythene kinda ‘greenhouse’ things we’ve tried in the past.

The build is less daunting than it first looked when I saw all the components. The pegs I bought to hold the polythene down won’t. go into our rocky ground, but the polythene cover has flanges at the bottom, so I put an old pile of bricks to good use.

My blog post is focussed on my predicament about touring in the USA and I decide to spread the word a bit about my blog on social media. After all, I’ve posted everyday for eleven years!

After lunch I hit the studio and start recording a demo of a new song idea. It’s a bit derivative in a. John Lee Hooker kinda way, but I think it’ll evolve into something more original.

After a guide track, guitar and putting on the vocal, I realise that I hadn’t played the ‘most recent’ chord sequence revision….meantime, though, Margaret’s going out for a run and I could do with a walk.

When we get back I go back into the studio and re-record the demo. No time to start mixing it tho’…and I may experiment with some percussion or something….’cos we’ve a family video get-together with the kids and Lesley at 7.30pm.