I’m really pleased with my efforts at re-organising and improving the studio…

CATRIONA, Freya and Aaron arrive as margaret’s making breakfast.

I’m busy dealing with some online stuff before a Skype guitar lesson with one of my online students.

Once I’m done with breakfast I hit the studio and do the lesson from there then go back to to the house to see everyone.

We need some bits and bobs of shopping. I grab the list and head to the Co-Op in Balloch equipped with my face covering and hand gel. I’m quite impressed how folks seem to be adhering to the phase three lockdown guidelines – there’s only one arrogant so-and-so without a mask and by their actions and swagger, I rather doubt they have any conditions that would excuse them. Maybe I should’t be so judgemental 😉

Catriona and wee ones are getting ready to leave when I get back. Once we’ve said cheerio and unpacked the shopping I nip along to Betty and joe’s with some stuff I picked for them while Margaret makes lunch.

I combine my ingredients for blue cheese burgers and put the bowl in the fridge or a couple of hours then go back to the studio and mess with the demo recording of my potential new song. The efforts of re-organising the studio and getting everything a bit more integrate are being rewarded now. For the first time I’m able to experiment properly with ideas for extra layers of sound.

There’s time for a quick half-hour wander through the forest before I get back to make the burgers in time for our outing to Fiona and Steven’s for a ‘bookclub’ get-together. The first ‘non-virtual’ meeting with our pals since lockdown.

We pack a few of our burgers, rolls, paper plates, beer, wine, cups, kitchen roll and everything we’ll need to participate safely in a phase-three friendly get together – an outdoor socially distanced cookout.

Like most fairly impromptu gatherings we have a great evening catching up on chat…