I prepare Betty’s prawns for dinner…

MAIN job today it to streamline my campaign to build my email list.

The landing page on my website offering a discount in my webstore to folks who sign up to the mail list is a bit clumsy and the whole process needs to be made simpler and easier.

Sorting the landing page should be a fairly straightforward job, but the opt in form won’t work, so I have to take an alternative approach. Works well but doesn’t look quite as slick as the unreliable approach I took first!

Also, I don’t want to forget about folks already on my list, so I create a discount coupon code for them and send out an interim newsletter.

Mid-afternoon we spend a couple of hours nn Martyn and Louise’s garden, then go back home to prepare the prawns Betty bought and prepare dinner to take along to theirs.

We have a socially distanced dinner with our pals and have a lovely evening. the Chinese/Japanese prawns, though I say it myself, are great!

Back home we watch a couple of episodes of Succession then I get bored with it and go to bed…