Home made burger buns…my first attempt…

UP, SHOWERED and having breakfast at a reasonable time – off to meet my pal Martyn for a walk.

We go to Killearn and enjoy a seven-mile walk in the sunshine chatting along the way.

When I get back home I realise I’ve missed a text message form Margaret asking me to pick up some burger buns/rolls. Ah well…I don’t need any more of an excuse to try making some myself!

My mail list subscribers’ discount has attracted a few orders…but I need to make sure our merch stock is all up to date before I start promoting the discount as an incentive to new subscribers.

Betty drops by for a garden visit and I join her and Margaret for a wee while then carry on with some work.

The sesame-topped burger buns come out the oven looking pretty good…they feel a bit heavy and dense tho’. We’ll find out later!

I get a chimney-full of charcoal lit for our burgers and put some chipped tatties in the airfryer…dinner’s ready just in time for our pal Bill’s weekly livestream form Florida. The burger buns are indeed a bit not he heavy side, but I kinda like them like that…Margaret’s not so keen. Not sure what I need too do to make them a little lighter – maybe more yeast…or a newer supply!