Facebook won’t let me embed my livestream video from last night…so here’s a screen grab instead!

THERE’S a bunch of updates and content changes for one of my website clients – she has two music sites and needs some new releases added to get online store and other stuff done.

I spend a couple of hours on that then move on to tick some other stuff off my to-do list.

After lunch I start on another item that’s been hanging about my list for a while. The two-factor authentication I use to secure my websites is being deprecated by the developer so I need to find an alternative.

Not too my searching leads me to choose WP 2FA. I install it on all my sites along with the necessary authenticator app on my phone.

While I’m digging about behind the scenes I try adding an ‘intstant’ PayPal checkout function alongside Apple Pay in my online shop – but it doesn’t. After an hour or two of checking Paypal APIs I give up. Not that important anyhow!

Margaret’s going out for her couch to 5k ‘maintenance’ run – I accompany herm then carry on for a longer walk up the lochside.

Back home, I do a livestream into the Nova Scotia folk club Facebook group then on to making the mushroom risotto – I make a load so there’s enough to take some for Betty and Joe’s dinner tomorrow…and some left to make arancini for tomorrow’s lunch 😉

After dinner we watch the final episode of Succession…of course, there’ no real conclusion…we have to wait for season three no doubt. Fuck that. These long drawn out series that could be compressed into a single film boil ma piss!